From May 18, the Stengel Collection enters “Phase 2”

Dal 18 maggio la Collezione Stengel entra nella “fase 2”

The Karl Stengel Collection Florence

A permanent exhibition space for the paintings and drawings by Karl Stengel at Palazzo Rosselli del Turco


We are preparing an exhibition path that guarantees the correct social distancing, the constant sanitation of spaces and we are equipping ourselves with the necessary protective devices. The tour of the rooms will still allow you to admire the works by Karl Stengel, both his abstract works and those with a hint of figuration, up to his more markedly figurative drawings. The selection of the works on display will therefore not be thematic, but will aim to be representative of Karl Stengel’s entire production. Visits will be possible in Phase 2 only upon reservation and only for individual visits or for people who live together. Visitors will be responsible for following the established tour path through the gallery rooms and for wearing disposable masks and gloves at all times. We will not be able to offer you coffee, as was our custom, nor even the small pastries from the Pasticceria Marino, but when you return in “phase 3” we hope to be able to add a glass of prosecco to celebrate

Dal 18 maggio, la collezione Stengel entra nella “fase 2”. Stiamo predisponendo un percorso espositivo che garantisca il corretto distanziamento sociale, la costante igienizzazione degli spazi e ci stiamo dotando dei necessari dispositivi di protezione. Il percorso di visita delle sale consentirà di ammirare opere di Karl Stengel sia astratte che con un principio di figurazione, fino a disegni più marcatamente figurativi. La selezione delle opere in mostra non sarà quindi tematica, ma punterà ad essere rappresentativa dell’intera produzione di Karl Stengel. Le visite saranno possibili solo su prenotazione; visite individuali o di persone conviventi. Sarà cura dei visitatori seguire il percorso di visita delle sale, avere mascherine e guanti monouso. Non potremo offrirvi il caffè, com’era nostra abitudine e neanche i piccoli dolci della Pasticceria Marino, ma quando tornerete per la ”fase 3” aggiungeremo un calice di prosecco per festeggiare.

Opening times

by appointment only

Monday to Friday,  from 10am-1pm and 3pm-6pm

To book a visit, please call: +39 0550516161

Via dei Serragli 17 Florence, Tuscany

Opening Stengel Collection in Florence

Collezione Stengel Karl Stengel

Karl Stengel

Karl Stengel has lived through important and dramatic periods in the history of 20th century art.  Born in 1925 in Neusatz, on the banks of the Danube, from his early childhood he had the impulse to “have to” draw and was strongly attracted by the contrast of black and white. After the war and the years in the Russian prison camp, a long time passed before a middle class child could be admitted to an art academy. It was the period of Socialist Realism, a style imposed by the Soviet Communist Party. There was no room for artistic individualism, or to seek one’s own possibilities, expressive style, or creativity. Upon the arrival of the Soviet tanks with the occupation of Hungary in 1956, Karl Stengel fled to Monaco in Germany. Studying at the Akademie der Schönen Künste, he was surprised – and not in a positive way – by the lightness with which his young colleagues took to abstract modernism, especially after the dominant artistic expression extorted by Hitler. Again, he could not see the way to follow his path with sincerity. He was unable to follow his impulse “to have to paint” for almost two decades. Then the strong call of the voices that wanted to be expressed and painted, resurfaced, together with the desire to see and hear what others hadn’t seen, even if it was in front of them. Karl Stengel passed away in his beloved Tuscan countryside, 25 June 2017.

Catalogue “HERE”

Preface by Alessandro Tempi 


Edizioni Collezione Stengel


  • 01 untitled - pastel, acrylic and collage - cm105x91
  • 03 The opera singer - pastel on paper - cm81x80,5
  • 05 The Singer - pastel,  acrylic and collage - cm89,5x74,5
  • Karl Stengel Senza titolo disegno 1982 Matita e acquerello su carta
  • 04 Tribute to Liszt pastel on paper - cm84x69
  • 02 untitled - pastel on paper - cm92,5x81,5
  • Karl Stengel - Senza titolo disegno 1 1989 - matita su carta
  • Karl Stengel - Senza titolo - Collage carta, inchiostro, matita e acquerello

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